What you should know about your salary

A Software Engineer’s Gross Annual Salary Ranges based upon experience level (not including variables or bonuses) and the company/location. 

However, here are some estimations based on experience:

Entry (0-2 years): range €30.000-45.000

Mid (2-5 years): range €40.000-60.000

Senior/ Above (5+ years): range €50.000-90.000

How do you get paid?

Your total annual salary is based on your 12 month work period, your holiday allowance and any variables or bonuses your company may or may not include.

Net monthly income is amount that you receive in your bank account after your employer pays the taxes and social security to the government.

Holiday allowance represents an equivalent of 8% of the first 12 months of work. This is approximately one month salary. This allowance is in place to contribute to or cover your holiday expenses.