Work from home- 5 tips survival kit

“Work from home” is the new trend that most companies will have to adopt in the current situation that is going on around the world.

We all know that this pandemic is something we cannot take lightly. However, since we do not wish to bring our readers down, we decided to write a fun article about some tips to be efficient when you work from home.

So grab your laptop, put your work clothes on and bring that cup of coffee next to you. Even though you might have worked remotely before or you just started, this article will put a smile on your face.

Have a good Spotify list.


Who doesn’t feel energized when they hear that amazing song coming on the radio? We all have that song, be honest.

Now, because the radio is not basically the first choice you make when it comes to playing music in the house, Spotify is the next best thing. It lets you create a playlist with all your favourite songs that allow you to go wild while working.

I personally have a playlist with 2000’s songs and jam over them whenever I work from home. It’s enough to make me dance while I finish my daily tasks.

Which brings me to my next point…

Have a well-described schedule for your tasks.

This is something you might have done already in your day to day work routine. However, if you didn’t do it until now, remote work is the best time to start.

A good schedule is something that will be a lot of help when you sit at your desk with the laptop in front of you and type emails like a maniac. This is a great way to organize your day and still be able to disconnect with a break.

There are a lot of ways to make a schedule in this era. I use the Calendar from my Google account, however, whatever floats your boat is just fine. I have met people that still write their tasks down on paper. Be creative, have fun and imagine you are setting your goals for the day. When the work is done, you should be proud of what you accomplished.

Separate from the family while you work.


I know this does not sound great, but believe me, you will be grateful. 

Considering the current situation of the world, even schools are closed. Which means that your kids will be able to enjoy your company more while at home. However, even though this can be a nice thing at the beginning, it can interfere with your work. While family time is meaningful, so is your work. You need those 8 hours of alone time doing important business. 

This is our advice: set up a schedule for your family so they feel your presence at home. However, give the designated period to your job as well. Ask your family to only reach you when they can not fix something themselves. You can explain to them that you have to feel like you are in your office.

Yes, office!

Have a designated workspace.


Yes, this is also very significant. While you might be tempted to lay on the couch in your PJ’s and stuff snacks in your mouth while typing away on your laptop, you will not increase productivity while working from home this way.

 So, here is our quick fix that I am sure you heard about before. Designate a room or a corner in your house as your workspace. This way you will be able to enjoy yourself when you leave that spot.

Having a separate space while you work from home is good for breaks so your brain can understand that your house is not entirely an office. This way you disconnect from business mode and enjoy a relaxing time with your family or alone. You can eat your lunch in peace while not having to look at your laptop.

A designated workplace also helps with tip number 3. When you ask your family not to bother. It is best to have a space they know not to intrude. This way you’re also not interfering in their daily plans.

And lastly…


Now, this is the most significant aspect of the whole “work from home” adventure.

Breaks are the best time to get your mind away from your tasks and actually enjoy yourself. Even if it is for a few minutes it is something that will help clear your brain.

It is proven that 5-10 minutes away from your computer is beneficial for the quality of your business. Not to mention it increases productivity.

Therefore, take a step back, enjoy the sunshine, go for a walk, or just watch youtube videos. Whatever makes you feel disconnected and relaxed while still in the work hours.

Take a break!

In conclusion, these are our tips to increase productivity while you work from home. Did they spark anything inside of you? Did you agree with what we said? Why not try some of these and see how they work out for you?

Enjoy your time at home and be productive.

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