Video interviews and video job ads. Is this the future after the pandemic?

The pandemic is slowly going away and some of us have returned to the office already. However, the party is not over yet. Therefore some of our traditional ways have to change in order for us to make the best out of the impediments we have to face. So, we decided that today we will speak about video interviews and video job ads.

It’s nothing new to the market of any business that video interviews and job ads have a huge impact on potential candidates. Not to mention now, since the world is facing a situation where conventional interviews cannot be conducted.

Many businesses have adapted their company culture. If yours didn’t, here is a quick guide to help you understand the importance of making a good company culture during these times.


People have started working remotely and most of their time they are in front of the computer. Therefore, the approach you do when you find a candidate needs to be suited to the current situation.

So grab a pen, a video camera (or phone) and keep on reading as we will uncover the importance of video in your recruitment process.

1. Video interviews will help you save time

First, let’s focus on the time frame a recruiter (either in-house or agency). The time spent on a qualification/interview is quite long. A period of time when you can focus on something else for the role.

A good video interview consists of you pre-recording the questions you have for the candidate. And then, the candidate can record their answers and send them to you.

Is that time-efficient? Yes.


Imagine that you only record your questions one time, which means that you will not have to have the same conversation for hours. The only time you spend in this matter is when you review the answers. Which will also give you a breather, since you don’t have to stop the person every time to write the answers down.

So out of three hours of interviews, you got maybe an hour of work on a role, with three candidates.

Sounds good? 

2. Video ads are more engaging

Because we live in the era of the internet, most people are spending their time watching video content online.

Technology and people are moving so fast that the average time spent reading an article is 10 seconds. Because people are not used to reading anymore.

So a video job ad is the best way to engage with your candidates. Not to mention the possibility of showing your company culture and people.


It is proven that people engage better with a video since they can feel and see how the person acts. Also, the apply rate is higher for video job ads, than for text job ads.

3. Video interviews are innovative and suited for the current time

Given the pandemic situation, people are scared and anxious to interact with each other.

Therefore a digital interview is the best way to keep the safe distance and make the candidate feel comfortable.


You can maintain the social distance during the interview process and still have the great candidate experience you want to creat.

4. Video ads are the best way to show your culture as a company

Like mentioned above, videos are more engaging than text. 

Video Ads are the best way for you to sell your company as a great environment to be in. You can bring your company culture out into the world so that candidates can see it.

video engaging

For recruiters, this is a great opportunity to show off your funny and approachable side. Make people want to interact with you. Simply by adding a drop of your personality into the video.

Final thoughts

So, as a conclusion to what we have said before: video interviews and job ads are a new and innovative opportunity for everyone (companies and recruiters) to catch candidates. They are innovative, more engaging and less time-consuming.

But don’t trust us on that. What is your opinion on this matter? Do you think video is the future of recruitment?

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