Survive the pandemic in 3 steps- Fun Friday Edition

Welcome to “Survive the pandemic in 3 steps”

The world is facing a pandemic right now. COVID-19, or Coronavirus, is something that should not be taken lightly. This situation has brought a drop in our economy and restrainings on our social interactions.

While we know this is a serious issue, like it was said in our Work from Home Survival Kit, we want to bring awareness with a dash of fun. At the end of the day, it’s all about how you look at this pandemic. 

However, for now, let’s all share a laugh together during the lockdown. Grab your kids, grab your coffee, food, or whatever brings you joy and let’s roll this.

Playground Makeover-home edition

Have you ever watched “Extreme Makeover- Home Edition” series? Yes? No?

In simple words, some random persons came and literally destroyed your house. After that, they would rebuild it to be more trendy and cosy, more suitable for your needs.

This is something we can do with our houses. No, we do not mean to demolish them, but to give them a playground makeover.

During these incredible quarantine times, it is best to stay connected with your inner self. This means it’s time for you to bring your inner kid out and have some fun! 

We all feel a little bit crazier since we have been on lockdown. Needless to say, this is a difficult time for us all. Why not make the most of it? This is the perfect time to bring some fun into the house and leave your worries in a dark place (maybe your storage room).


Now, we wish to help you understand that this is the best time ever to do whatever you considered fun, but thought you don’t have time for, or that you’ve outgrown it.

Do you miss building forts, playing with swords, talking to yourself and play pretend? Why not do it? No one is there to see you. And if they are, ask them to join, have a group play.

Play therapy is known to have incredible effects on mindsets and inner work. So, what else can you do to survive the pandemic lockdown other than enjoying yourself and keeping your sanity?

Start a new hobby

You never have too many hobbies. So this is the perfect time to find new ones. 

After you watched all the movies that you postponed for so long and after you watched all the cooking shows your cable has to offer, try to bring something new in your life. We are on lockdown, so who is going to see what you do? Nobody!


You ever felt a weird calling for knitting, but thought you were too manly to do it? Ever wanted to learn a new language, or to start your own blog/vlog? Well, get to it! We sure have enough time on our hands. And for sure there is no traffic on your way to work.

Let’s all write that book we always felt the inspiration for, but never actually thought we are actually good at. Take out that workout equipment you said you will use years ago. This is a great way to fill the rest of our day and not watch movies mindlessly, stuffing our faces with popcorn (not that it is necessarily a bad thing).

STAY at HOME and enjoy the technology

In case you do not wish to do any of the things we mentioned above, well we have a solution for you as well. 

The internet is so big and the technology is so advanced that we do not need to leave the house for basically any reason. What better way to survive the pandemic than staying in your house? With all the comfort we have in this era, we can only enjoy these moments.


Yes, social restrictions are an inconvenience, but is your health worth a coffee out with some friends? I believe not. 

Be aware that you can do whatever you want in the comfort of your own house thanks to the technology. Make it your friend, we all stayed on our phones more than necessary anyway. Now you can actually take advantage of all the new features and sci-fi gadgets that were released.

Virtual reality is the new black recently, so is AI. What creative ways can you come up with to use them in order to survive the pandemic?

BONUS (Since it is so trendy)!

There is no such thing as “too much” toilet paper!

You definitely did not hear it here first. While this pandemic is going around spreading fear among the population, governments have been trying to keep us in the house for safety. They restricted any outdoor activity and advised us to only go out to shop for the bare necessities. 


This has driven people to stores shopping for their life! Everyone wants to be prepared in case of a catastrophe. However, they seem to believe that when the world ends they will need toilet paper. 

Now, social media is filled with memes and jokes around this subject. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the humour, but people are seriously doing this. There is also a toilet paper calculator online, so you can see how long will your TP last during the pandemic.

While we laugh, we need to understand that this is also a serious matter. We should be aware that toilet paper will not run out in this situation. However, just in case it does, we can always get back in touch with our inner caveman/ woman. 

Wrapping this up, we want to wish you a healthy lockdown and may the immunity be with you! Remember that it’s all about how you look at things that makes your reality. So let’s look at the fun side and consider that staying home and enjoying your company is better than losing your health.

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