Story of a new generation

We have all heard and read about recruiting Millennials, not to mention all the information about how to keep them happy in the workplace. However since seasons are changing and so is the technology, new generations slowly make their way into the work field, therefore we have to be prepared and adapt to their ways.

There is no surprise that Generation Z is the new hot topic right now in the recruitment field since they are fresh graduates driven by the desire to make a change and work doing what they love.

Since I am a Gen Z myself, I can agree that there are important aspects to recruiting us that most people tend to ignore or not focus on because they believe it is not the right way. Well, I believe that there is no right or wrong in recruitment,  you either adapt to the new ways, or you don’t.

Recently I started reading articles about Generation Z and how they will impact the work field, and let me tell you I have never felt so proud!

So buckle up, grab your Millennial or Gen X recruiter and read the story of a new generation.

The upside of Gen Z

First I want to mention that in 2020 Gen Z already represents more than 30% of the workforce which, if you ask me, is a significant number that will just increase.

In the research paper called “Understanding the attitude of generation Z towards workplace” the way these kids will bring a disturbance in the force, it is so well described.

disturbance Yoda

Now, I am not one to toot my own horn, but I will gladly toot my generation’s horn.

It is proven that Gen Z is more tech-savvy than the previous generations and also more ethnically diverse.

It is as simple as that, Gen Z was raised with the internet at their service, therefore they will bring a technological approach in their daily life.

Because of the freedom that was given to them by society and sometimes parents, these young adults now have a different mindset when it comes to diversity. They are more adaptable and lack prejudice when it comes to other ethnicities.


Well, it means you have to drop the old fashioned recruiting techniques and embrace the technology along with social media.

While I know that pretty much all recruiters have done this and adapted to the new way of hunting candidates, I cannot emphasize enough how important a different approach is for the new generations, also when it comes to job postings, recruiting processes and interviews.

Quoting the great Bear Grylls: “improvise, adapt, overcome!”

They are more inclined towards self-learning and “do-it-yourself” mentality. 

Considering the fact that technology was a part of their life growing up and also in the present, this means Gen Z had more access to information than any other previous generations.

I think we have all seen the DIY trends that have been going around recently. Well, imagine this trend in a company and the employees not needing any training or help when they have a problem. They can just google the answer.

do it yourself

It means that selling the candidate to the client will be a lot more interesting. 

Imagine that a Gen Z candidate applies for your job posting, and they have little to no experience. However, they are very passionate and willing to learn. You have to be open-minded and understand that they will learn mostly on their own if they are provided with the freedom or motivation in the workplace.

Another scenario could be that the candidate has lots of experience that they have learnt mostly on their own, but has no work experience. All you need is a little more understanding and faith in these young Padawans.

So tell your client or boss that they should have an open mind; these young adults will surprise them in no time with their skills.

Gen Z is more realistic when it comes to work expectations. The salary is also not the primary thing they focus on.

Being raised by Millennials or Gen X, this generation has seen how most industries function. They have been witnesses to their parents’ struggle to achieve anything in their job or being victims of discrimination and abuse of power from employers.

This in combination with the new possibility to get information fast is bringing a change into the work field they will excel in. 

This generation knows that they can ask for privileges that are equal to their knowledge. They do not have high expectations from employers and will not ask for more than what they know it can be provided. 

It also applies to the salary. Even though they tend to ask for more money than they can receive, it is a socialistic need that they have to fulfil. Since they want to achieve independence and also the costs for a living have increased around the globe, understanding the need for survival has become priority number one. Therefore, they will only ask for what is known to satisfy their needs.

Compared to other generations, Z is more inclined to base their desire for a job on the company’s culture, possibilities to grow and opportunities they can provide.


Well, it is easier to lure them in with a job offer if you present the company well enough. 

And it also makes your job easier. If you present the offer in an interesting manner and also charm them with your awesomeness you might convince them to take the job.

The downside of Gen Z

While I would like to think Gen Z is perfect, there is a dark side to all this.

This generation lacks problem-solving skills, lack of ambition compared to other generations needed to be motivated by their leaders with feedback.

Because of the fast pace, they grew up with from the internet, Generation Z has a short attention span, acquiring attention deficit disorders with a high dependency on technology.

They have proven to be more individualistic and self-directed than previous generations.


Now you know how to approach them. Considering they have a short attention span and are self-directed, you have to step out of your comfort zone to keep them interested in you and your offer. 

If you bring a different approach to the table, funnier, more entertaining and try to make the process less time consuming, they will be hooked on you.


We all know that technology is growing at a fast pace and we all agree that we have to adapt quickly to the changing times. This generation is bringing something new to the table, just as it was years ago with Millennials. The change should not be a surprise, we just have to accept it. 

Give Gen Z a chance and I believe you will be surprised. This is your opportunity to change your techniques, to improve and step out of your comfort zone.

What choice will you make? 

make a choice

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