Returning to the office after lockdown. How will office life change?

While some countries are still facing quarantine, others have decided that it is time to open the doors and let citizens loose on the streets. Therefore most of us will slowly be returning to the office after lockdown. 

Do you wonder how that will look like? After months of staying in your PJs and waking up just 5 minutes before the morning meeting. Now you will have to wake up one hour before work and actually make an effort to get to the office.

The luxury of no traffic between your workspace (living room) and home (bedroom) is over. Aren’t you excited?

returning to the office after lockdown

Of course, we are joking, partially. 

An office is great for separating work from life, not to mention the interaction between colleagues is also an important aspect, since we have been socially distancing.

However, returning to the office after lockdown might not be as we expect it. So grab your hand sanitizer and wet wipes because we are about to begin.

Social distancing is still very important

While we will be returning to the offices, we have to remember that social distancing is still important. Why? Because even though we have exited the houses, the party is not over yet. This way we ensure our safety and also of those around us. 

How would social distancing look around the office? Well, you have to first stay at a safe distance even when you work. That means your desks will probably be spread around the room.

So, don’t be alarmed if you find your best work buddy moved in the other corner of the room and you cannot gossip about that new colleague who is just weird.


Secondly, lunches will become slightly awkward since you will have to keep your personal space at a wide range.

Overall we all wished to be out of the house again, however, things will not be the same when we get back to our usual workspace. But we can enjoy our time and still have a good day.

A lot more sanitizer 

Now that you are out of that safe space you call home and out into the world again, your future holds a lot more sanitizer.

Because COVID-19 is still out there, we need to be more careful when returning to the office. That means that most employers will provide so much sanitizer to wipe away all that ever was of your hands. 

All jokes aside, returning to the office after lockdown will bring with it also a lot more cleaning and sanitizing. You might have a cleaning schedule as well, in order to keep everyone safe.

This is a situation we all have to face when we will return back into society.

Human interaction will become interesting

Even if you have a Zoom meeting every morning this will not substitute for real human interaction. And since we have been in lockdown, we all need it.

However, being back into civilisation might not be as expected. You might feel awkward talking to other people. Because let’s face it, the back thought of any virus being around will turn you into a weird speaking machine.

You might try to interact and avoid people at the same time. 

Maybe you fall into the other extreme who is just so anxious to interact that will bring weird feelings in others. Or maybe you are a hugger and this social distancing thing is going to put you through a tough time.

Either way, be yourself. We have all gone through some hard times during lockdown, so we will all be awkward or act strange.


Well, this is all. A short reminder that we are starting to move forward from this pandemic. A funny way of saying that we will all be having an interesting time returning to the offices when we do. And most importantly an entertaining way of enjoying our Fridays.

How do you believe returning to the office, after the lockdown, will look like?

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