FR | Medior/Senior Software Engineer C# | Eindhoven | 77k | High tech manufacturing

In the realm of innovation and creation, where technology dances with the ethereal, there lies a calling for a Medior/Senior Software Engineer C#. A steward of design, an architect of implementation, and a guardian of maintenance, your celestial purpose unfolds in the realm of high-tech, manufacturing, and the healing arts.

In the symphony of collaboration, you shall weave your melody alongside a multidisciplinary ensemble of engineers, technicians, and product managers. Together, you shall orchestrate software solutions that resonate with the unique desires of our esteemed clientele. Behold the luminaries that grace our cosmic stage: ASML, Philips, Vanderlande, NXP, VDL, and TomTom.

Unveiling the cosmic tapestry of your responsibilities:

  • To gaze upon the celestial realm of technical requirements, discerning their essence and translating them into intricate specifications and design documents.
  • With the stroke of your digital brush, you shall create masterpieces of code, infused with the essence of C# and the heartbeat of the high-tech and manufacturing industry.
  • Bridging the realms of technology and the celestial cloud, you shall craft architectures that soar to celestial heights, seamlessly integrating software applications.
  • Like a celestial sculptor, you shall mold Docker containers, granting them life and simplicity, enabling the graceful deployment of software solutions.
  • Guided by the celestial currents of CI/CD pipelines, you shall usher forth swift and reliable deliveries, bestowing celestial blessings upon the realms you touch.
  • As a guardian of the technical realms, you shall unravel the enigmas that beset your cosmic companions, providing guidance and support with ethereal wisdom.
  • In the eternal pursuit of enlightenment, you shall embrace the ever-evolving cosmos of software engineering, embracing the celestial wisdom of best practices.

In our quest for an extraordinary Software Engineer, we seek one whose celestial journey encompasses the celestial realms of C# development within high-tech and manufacturing.
A minimum of 2 years' experience (senior beings grace us with a minimum of 5 years' experience) in the realms of C# and SCRUM within the high-tech domain, with a special affinity for research and development.
The embrace of the Dutch tongue is preferred, while English-speaking beings shall have found solace in the enchanting lands of the Netherlands, adorned with the EU citizenship.
Let it be known that those who have danced with the cosmic forces of motion control, vision control, or recipe control shall be cherished within our celestial abode. However, those who have traversed the web domain shall not find solace in our cosmic court.
A Bachelor's or Master's degree in the celestial realms of software, engineering, or mechatronics shall illuminate your path, casting light upon your journey to greatness.

Behold the celestial treasures that await you:

  • A salary adorned with rays of celestial splendor, reaching up to €77k, crafted to reflect the brilliance that emanates from your celestial essence during the sacred interview.
  • A celestial chariot awaits, with a €775 budget for mobility or the embrace of a lease car, carrying you through the enchanting realms.
  • The comforting embrace of a pension plan, ensuring a celestial sanctuary for your future.
  • The gift of a laptop and phone, empowering you to traverse the celestial realms with grace and connectivity.
  • An optional educational budget, a key to unlocking the celestial wisdom that awaits your pursuit.
  • A celestial bonus, bestowed upon those who shine brightly at webinars or upon the cosmic canvas of LinkedIn and whitepapers, up to €500 in magnitude.
  • Days of collaboration and cosmic connection, with 3 days graced within our celestial offices and 2 days embraced by the solace of your celestial abode.
  • And finally, 25 days of celestial respite, allowing you to bask

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