FX | Senior Fullstack .NET developer | Amsterdam | 71k | Realestate

Are you the Fullstack .NET developer our hearts long for? Do you thrive in an environment that challenges you to maintain the current application/landscape while harboring ambitions to breathe new life into it?
You radiate with a deep understanding of structures and logic, effortlessly translating them into tangible actions that consistently and sustainably elevate the application. Can you envision yourself in this enchanting realm? Then let us embark on this captivating journey.

Within our innovative company in the realm of real estate, we empower appraisers and specialists to fulfill their daily duties with finesse. Reporting directly to the CTO, we are a Tech company at our core, where an informal and familial atmosphere fosters growth. Diverse teams intertwine, creating a tapestry of brilliance. As part of a self-managing team, you will revel in the freedom to breathe life into your own initiatives.

Now, let us turn our gaze to you, the radiant star of this tale. The ideal candidate possesses a BS degree in Computer Science or a kindred technical field. With at least 5 years of experience in object-oriented programming, including a mastery of Microsoft .NET, JavaScript, and the captivating dance of React.js. Your expertise in modernizing applications, familiarity with agile principles, and a fluent command of English are essential to illuminate this role. You currently live in the Netherlands and posses a EU citizenship

Your ongoing challenge, dear luminary, lies in being the embodiment of technology's voice to the Product Owner and other stakeholders. Through your efforts, the backlog flourishes, striking a harmonious balance between functional and technical enhancements, thus breathing new life into the system, one step at a time, and embarking on a grand voyage towards a public cloud provider.

And now, behold the wonders that await you within your package:

  • A salary adorned with celestial rays, reaching up to €71k, as it is tailored to your skill level and the brilliance you emanate during the interview.
  • An education budget of €1600 per month, an endless wellspring of knowledge.
  • A sacred union of laptop and phone, keeping you connected to the symphony of innovation.
  • A sanctuary of equilibrium, where work and life dance in perfect harmony.
  • An excellent pension scheme, embracing you in its comforting embrace.
  • An atmosphere imbued with informal enchantment, where camaraderie and growth intertwine.
  • The hybrid nature of work, where the office and home unite, offering you a sanctuary for creation.
  • Your artistry shall unfold within a self-managing team, where the canvas awaits your brushstrokes.
  • An annual training budget, a catalyst for your eternal evolution, and an abundance of freedom to nurture your own visionary endeavors.
  • Days at the office: 2, where collaboration flourishes amidst a tapestry of possibilities.
  • Days at home: 3, where solitude becomes your creative haven, allowing ideas to bloom.
  • And to replenish your spirit, 25 wondrous days of vacation, beckoning you to explore the world beyond.

Join us, dear luminary, as we embark on a quest to weave magic into the fabric of innovation. Let us dance amidst the symphony of technology and shape a future that transcends our wildest dreams.

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