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Are you the Full Stack Developer we are looking for?

We love to challenge the “Status Quo” and your input is more than welcome, if you are a bit like us you believe your input will help us make our projects and service safer, faster and efficient.

Cloudflight: is a place where people are encouraged to creatively and individually engage in their personal nature and develop themselves alongside a fast-growing organization. We know our people are everything and we do our best to create an environment where everyone can be successful position and feel proud of their contributions.

Now that we've told you about Cloudflight, can you introduce yourself? Hopefully this starts with …

As a Full Stack Developer and you are a EU citizen or have no limitations to work in The Netherlands, I am a true expert in Java software engineering. I follow the latest trends in Java software engineering, I enjoy working with Java and Javascript frameworks such as Angular v2 or react or Vuejs or Typescript, with Kotlin, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Gradle (Maven), JUnit 5.

Rest assured, I am not overwhelmed when using a combination with Java, Kotlin, Docker, Kubernetes. While my primary focus is on one of those frameworks, I am more than aware of the best practices of others and can't wait to learn them all. I like to work closely with both backend developers and UX / UI designers. I am an absolutely confident methodical problem solver with attention to detail and strong oral and written communication skills.
Besides, I am a nice person to drink a beer with.

Out of curiosity, Is this a correct introduction to you?

What will stop you from responding immediately to this vacancy?

The good news is, if you've been reading this far, I think you're a bit like us:
– you love to explore, stay cool and deliver high quality projects with “clean code”.
– you are a busy Tech-savvy person always juggling to get everything done, using tools that speed up development and make products more reliable
– you like that your job is well paid and that 50-70K gross per year depending on your skill level and your interview process would be enough for you.
– you strive for continuous personal and professional development every day
– Working parttime is possible (with a min of 24 hours a week)
– you like long walks to the coffee machine, informal beers while looking out over the breathtaking view of Amsterdam
– Finally, you love your health, we pay 1200 euros net per year for your Medical expenses

At this point you have three options.
1 you could look for another job, work on your resume, send job applications, do job interviews and go through that whole process to maybe find another company offering a similar package and most likely expecting the same type of work for the same return.
2 you can do absolutely nothing, stay exactly where you are now, accept that your current circumstances are the best it can be.
3 you can try this, combine it with what you are doing right now and see how far you go.

Which of these 3 options do you choose?

Ready to apply? Lets start with a conversation with our Tech recruiter Timothy