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I am not sure if this role is for you, but just imagine that you have a feeling that something is wrong with the financial industry and you might have input to change something by  fundamentally growing markets by facilitating trading without the risk of information disclosure.
How would you feel if you are a part of a team which is the company’s most important asset and by far the most critical ingredient in building excellent products and, eventually, a profitable business. It is not the place where you only a little part of the mechanism but the place where your personality creates real value.
Just imagine that the idea of challenging the status quo while maintaining the highest standards of integrity for this firm sounds enticing to you. 
If you are imagined and you ask yourself Am I ready for a new challenge in my life?
If yes, then you will have the opportunity to prove your seniority and professionalism in the team where the best argument wins, not the fanciest title or a degree from a prestigious university.
If you are still reading this it seems that you are:
● experienced, motivated senior back-end engineer 
● we don’t care about the specific programming languages you know 
● Master’s or Ph.D. in Computer Science is cool, but we deeply respect self-taught engineers 
● an eye for detail and appreciation for well-designed, simple, maintainable systems 
● 5-10+ years experience in a startup or supporting a widely adopted/used product 
● ideally an interest and/or experience in cryptographic protocols 
As I already mentioned that your personality and professional experience are the main value for this company. That’s why We don’t really care whether you know Go, Python, Java, Elixir, or who-knows-what. We fundamentally believe that if you are smart and you are eager to learn, you’ll develop the skills to do your job, which may include learning a new programming language. 
What benefits will you get from this position?
● Salary between 55 – 90k, depending on your skills and interview process
● Flexible working hours and remote work until Covid will end (after it you will relocate to  
● 25 days of holiday per year based on full time employment
● Laptop
● Thousand euro for a home office
Now you have two options. The first just to close it and keep doing your business. Or you can try to go further and see how far you can go:)
Are you ready to apply? Press Apply:)