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Are you an open-minded Senior Java Developer we’re looking for?
I’m not sure if this role is for you, but just imagine how things will be in 6months time once you have worked closely with development teams and our backend to scale up the process more code faster-based Spring/Java, Hibernate and Postgres.
How would you feel if you were one of the teams that we’re able to improve our software solution for a short period. Sounds like a challenge?
You’ve just imagined it all and now you’re asking yourself: What Happens Next?
There are two types of people in this world: those who judge something before they have even tried it and those who are prepared to try something and base their opinion on their own experience. If we can tell you more about this opportunity, then will you give us a chance?
Before you make your mind up, what do you know about us, our business and the way we do things differently?
The product is a tool-based software analysis and consulting firm that advises clients on software Quality. We believe we can make the world a better place by helping developers and organizations create better software. To accomplish this, our Software Development Team is continuously improving and expanding. This is no small task: we are adding new analysis capabilities; we are growing and developing our frontends to become more intuitive, integrated and feature-rich; we are preparing our backend to scale and handle more code, faster.
We do all that aligned with our Company Values 
Integrity We are honest, trustworthy, genuine, and always aim to do the right thing
Independent We serve our clients and partners best
High Quality We deliver our work with the highest standards of professionalism
Fact-based We draw solid conclusions and make sound decisions based on facts and data
Now that we told you about Our client can you introduce yourself? Hopefully, this starts with… 
As a Senior Java Developer, I`m a true expert in Java. I’m actively following the latest backend frameworks and database tooling. I’m confident in working with backend stack, such as Spring/Java, Hibernate and Postgres. Even though my primary focus is on one of those frameworks, I’m more than aware of the best practices of others and I cannot wait to learn them all. I like working closely with both full-stack developers and UX designers.  
I'm an absolutely confident methodical problem solver with attention to detail and with strong verbal and written communication skills. Besides all that, I’m a nice person to hang out with.
Just out of curiosity, is this introduction about you?  
What is it that’s stopping you from moving forward with this job opportunity right now?  
You also feel that nothing is stopping you. Then let's imagine together
  • you like to explore, stay cool and make software quality assurance solutions.
  • you’re a busy tech-savvy person who’s always juggling to get everything done
  • Remotely working only if you are a citizen of and live in The Netherlands or Belgium or Denmark or Sweden or Germany or The UK or Ireland
  • you like the fact that your job is paid well up to 90K euro gross per year and a bonus of 2,4% per month
  • you are looking forward to the future within our client with support of the pension plan  
  • you love to travel and have 25 days of vacation 
  • you like long walks before work with coffee, but you are covered with travel expenses anyway
  • you like working with the best equipment, You will be given a laptop or phone
  • you`ll become an even better coder through our training plans
  • visa support is only for candidates who live in The Netherlands
Do you want to join us? Let's start with a conversation with our Tech recruiter Timothy