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We at Xccelerated are looking for software engineers who are more passionate about Data and want to transition to Data Engineering.
The requirements for Data engineering:
  • Min 1 year and a maximum of 3 years working experience as a software engineer/ data engineer/ back end developer / data migration engineer, software consultant/specialist/developer, machine learning developer/engineer, ML developer/engineer’
  • Experience with programming in Python and experience with developing API’s, back end
  • Beta/technical bachelor of master (AI / artificial intelligence, computer science, informatica / informatics, software engineering, computer science) 
  • Dutch speaking/reading is a high preference
  • You must live in the Netherlands
Apply software engineering practices in a data-driven environment.
Data engineers are the pillars on which data-driven companies are built. Our intensive advanced Xccelerated Data Engineering program emphasizes software- and data engineering best practices while diving deep into the most effective technologies.
Both the bootcamp and return training days engage learners in a variety of hands-on exercises, problem-solving hackathons, and training to develop both soft and technical skills. It’s all about continuous learning.
Program topics include
  • Bash-fu
  • Data Engineering with Python/Scala
  • Distributed processing with Kafka & Spark
  • Functional data engineering with Airflow
  • Machine learning model deployment
  • Streaming Algorithms
  • Distributed Systems
  • Cloud-native data engineering 
  • Soft skills
Soft skills
Every Xccelerator program integrates personal development. So along with your hard data skills, you will also learn (and practice) effective ways to communicate as a data professional. Topics covered include working in multidisciplinary teams, different communication styles, presentation skills, feedback, and handling conflict.
Xccelerated is a joint initiative between Xebia and GoDataDriven, accelerating careers and skills of young professionals. Through our 13-month program, we train highly-skilled (big) data professionals with 1 to 3 years of work experience with the goal to become authorities in their fields and be connected to their next employer.

Our advanced training program develops each person’s technical and personal competencies, starting with a full-month bootcamp (hands-on training) followed by the opportunity to work directly on real-world big data and data science challenges. 4 days a week at our partners, 1-day extra training and project support from our technical leads. After one year, Xccelerators have the opportunity to transfer to the partner organization directly, without any strings attached.

Xccelerated is founded in 2018 as a part of the Xebia Group, a Dutch private IT-firm with offices in Europe, Asia and the US, employing over 700 employees. Customers of Xccelerated
include ING, Nuon, Heineken, KLM, Nationale Nederlanden, Schiphol Group and Mollie.