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We believe you can innovate in your business with the help of talented people.


We offer quality services for your company needs

We become your extended partner. Finding the best suitable tech professionals for your organisation by focussing on your company and cultural needs.

We help you save resources by taking over the recruitment process, writing and advertising the positions. By screening, pre-selecting and coordinating interviews, you save time and energy.

We offer a great network for highly qualified candidates. For clients in need of more qualified and Senior professionals, example; CTO, Product managers, CIO, CCO, Sales directors, we offer the Executive Search model.

We will be there every step of the way.
We combine our tools, technology and skills to hire only amazing candidates. We create pipelines through sourcing and engaging with tech talents. We write job vacancies and promote them through recruitment marketing. And we support long-term hires.

For companies that have one or a few job openings, we offer the agency model.

We have a strong collaborative relationship with you so we understand better what you need for the talent.

We cover the sourcing, screening and pre-selecting the candidates, so you only have to focus on the technical parts of the interview.

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