Company culture. How will COVID19 impact the workplace?

We have recently talked about how will returning to the office look like after lockdown. However, this situation affects the company culture as well. 

Company culture is a very important aspect when we speak about employee experience in the workplace. Therefore, we need to make sure that our culture and employees are a good fit.

Over the years there have been so many articles, workshops and conferences regarding how to create a good company culture. There is no magic formula for this, only you know what is good for you and your business.

However, there is a truth in all those different events and information. This will help you understand what people want these days. And especially after coronavirus, the need and expectations of people from a company will change.

The pandemic has affected tons of companies and millions of people. Therefore you have to be prepared to face new desires and needs from your employees.

So, put that playlist in the background and enjoy the rest of the article. As we will uncover how will company culture look like after COVID19.

Flexible hours and remote work will be more requested 

We have all started remote working recently and it for some it was a challenge or a blessing. Depending on how you look at it the change from office work to the home office was drastic.

However, even if at the beginning it was supposed to be something short-term, people got to adjust to remote working. This has provided them with the opportunity to spend time with family and still earn money working.


Since we are slowly but surely moving towards freedom people will demand more time working from home. They will not want to sabotage the time spent with family and their mental health.

Employers will need to understand that there is no point in working long hours or have a designated office. They proved efficiency during the crisis anyway.

 Safety and wellbeing of employees will become a priority

Need we say why?

There is no surprise that the entire population was scared about coronavirus. Therefore this is a time when people will focus on safety and wellbeing. A need that they will demand in company culture as well.

You need to ensure the workplace will be suited for these requirements since everyone is becoming anxious about the virus.

Employees will look at how you manage your company in these times. How supportive you are and how much you care about their needs. 

Ensuring wellbeing in your company culture is something that you will need to focus on.

Transform your company culture to encourage meaningful human engagement

During the lockdown, we have all craved human interaction, besides our families.

When people will return to work they will expect a better and meaningful engagement between everyone in the company.

Because let’s face it, we have seen our colleagues in the morning, just woke up 5 minutes before the meeting. We have seen kids yelling and crying, we have seen the need to get out and do something different. 

We will not be able to jump into each other’s arms when we get back to the office. But, we can socialise from afar.


After all that has happened, people will be more inclined to crave that bonding and human connection.

Therefore you can make sure to bring support to your company culture. Help and encourage everyone in their work-life balance. 

The end 

Well, all good things must come to an end.

Now you know how the coronavirus will affect your company culture and what you have to improve to ensure employee satisfaction. Everyone is handling this situation the best they can.

Just remember to be empathic to your employee’s needs and concerns. This way you can ensure a great culture among everyone.

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