Candidate engagement in recruitment during coronavirus

Even though times are changing and it might be a struggling situation for most employers and recruiters alike, coronavirus might open up new doors for us all. Especially in the area of candidate engagement in recruitment.

While some recruiters are already doing interviews online, there are others who just started. However, it does not matter where you come from because this article concerns all recruiters and employers.

Despite common stereotypes and view of other people, recruiters do focus a lot on candidate engagement, since this is the best way to build your brand. Besides that, recruiters do understand that all candidates are humans and they should have a human experience.

Yes, You!

Candidate engagement in recruitment during the coronavirus might be a little hard for people that just started doing interviews online. However, this is not impossible if you have enough knowledge to at least try. Considering the fact that most candidates are maybe millennials, you can actually appear interesting enough if you embrace this online experience.

Let us begin! Grab that laptop, call your candidate and read this together. Grow that bond right away.

Step 1. Marketing should become your best friend now

As we step further and further into the era of technology, we also need to bring our brand along. Marketing is the best way to do it, even if you are doing recruitment.

Recruitment marketing is nothing new to recruiters and should always be a part of their tasks to improve. You can always learn How to level-up your recruitment marketing skills.

You might wonder: What does marketing have to do with candidate engagement in recruitment?


Well, the better you market yourself the better people see you. Marketing is based mostly on building an image of something that appeals to the eye. When you make a good and authentic market of yourself, people will be more likely to engage positively with you.

Candidate engagement in recruitment is all about that. You want to build a good experience for your future candidates from the moment they see your job posting to the moment they are hired.

Step 2. Adopt a glass box mentality in recruitment processes

The glass box mentality is something that has been grabbing the attention of employers and recruitment agencies for the past years. 

I think we have all been in this scenario. Picture yourself going to an interview. You think everything went well and, in the end, you hear this: “We will inform you if the process will continue or not.” Which is a good aspect, it means that the company will inform you either way. However, they do not specify how long that waiting will be or on what premises they choose the candidate.

A glass-box mentality means full transparency between your company and your employees, clients, candidates, etc. It is something that has been adopted and implemented for candidate engagement in recruitment as well.

engage and build a bond

Being fully transparent right now, when all interviews are going online, is becoming an important aspect of hiring.

Make sure that your candidates are fully aware of the hiring process and are always up to date. This has been proven to improve the experience and increase the desire for the job.

Step 3. Bring A.I. closer to you

A.I. has brought a lot of changes in different industries, recruitment included. Machine learning and all the tech shazam is giving a kick into the work industry. 

Love it or hate it, it is here to make our lives easier. 

Although A.I. in recruitment is somewhat new, it has brought a new perspective in the old processes. It has brought a new idea, one that encourages recruiters to do more with less. Fewer tools, still more achievements.

This new technology can bring an improvement for candidate engagement in recruitment as well. Being able to stabilize your workflow and to minimize the time spent on your tasks.

“We are not going to take over the world. We want to help.”

These new tools can help you decrease the time spent on reading and scanning resumes, making you more focused on how the candidate fits your company’s culture, rather than if they are a technical fit.

Since online interviews are the only approach right now, imagine being able to analyze better the way your candidate interacts. A.I. could analyze everything in that interview, from speech and intonation to facial expressions. 

We have made a list of A.I. tools for you. However, you can always search more and see what can improve candidate engagement in recruitment.

A.I. Tools:

  • Hiretual
  • Eightfold
  • Pymetrics
  • MyInterview

On this technological note, we wish you well! Do not forget that making candidate engagement better is the way to succeed even in these difficult times. Follow these steps and see what works for you.


Is candidate engagement important for you? Can you bring new ways to improve that during a lockdown?

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