AI in recruitment. The good, the bad and the conclusions

AI in recruitment is something that has been going around the internet for a while now. Considering the changing times and the new era that appeared, we are all in for a new technological world.

We have recently touched a few pros for AI in recruitment in our last blog for Candidate Engagement.

Today we want to focus on how this trend will impact the recruitment niche once it is fully developed. 


We ask you to grab your robot friend that you have around the house and continue reading. Here is The Good, The Bad and The Conclusions!. 

AI in recruitment has brought, along with multiple controversies, a new concept of achieving more goals with fewer tools. Yes, you’ve read it well. This is a concept that has raised a few brows in the niche. Especially since recruiters are used to sourcing and qualifying candidates day and night through new and innovative ways that will take up more time.

So why is it a breath of fresh air? Well, picture a machine that can learn and understand resumes faster than you will ever be able to. Imagine you will not have to interact that much with candidates and will still know if they are fit for the job.

Let’s break this down in sections:

1. Time management
The good:

We all have a busy schedule and especially recruiters are busy people. All-day sourcing, finding talent and qualifying people. Imagine that out of 100 resumes received you only pick around 10. However, you still have to go through every single one of them and see who fits.

Out of 10 resumes you only send out 3 candidates and at the end, you only place one.

All of this is consuming your time. A time that can be better spent doing better recruitment marketing, making new job posts, building relationships with your candidates and clients, etc. 

AI in recruitment is bringing that exact breath of fresh air in every schedule. 

Artificial intelligence is capable of doing better and faster background checks for candidates that you find or are referred to you. The possibilities are endless since it can retrieve all data that you require for the new position from the resume and profiles.

Great tools for background checks are Checkr and Jointl

This can bring a faster, less biased check on candidates, not to mention a better privacy system since the program only searches for relevant information.

The bad:

The downside of AI in this scenario is that you can always get a security breach or a bug that will crash the system and you will have to take everything from scratch. 

Also, because AI is still a machine, it does only what it is told, as it could always get a bug. Therefore you always have to double-check the results.

2. Biased and Unbiased decisions 
The good:

Now, we know neither recruiters nor companies will make a decision based on personal preferences. There is, however, that biased decision making whenever you decide whether or not to choose someone for a job.

Some good tools for sourcing and scanning resume are Fetcher and Hiretual. 

Whether we do it consciously or unconsciously, it is still a situation that can be improved. And that is why AI is here to reduce it. Taking into account that Artificial intelligence tools will analyze only the important aspects and the real potential of a candidate, this will reduce the bias decisions for every candidate chosen.

3. Interview analytics

The good:

We all have a level of understanding human interaction. Recruiters are especially good at reading people in interviews (sort of a job requirement that no one will tell you about). That is because you have to make sure the person you are speaking with is fitting your company as well as it does in the papers.

However, even if you are amazing at reading people, there is still that bias we have spoken about earlier. In this situation come all sort of boundaries we face when interacting with other humans. 

AI in recruitment will do everything that you do, however, with the possibility of reading and understanding one’s behaviour, it can determine without any doubts and too much time if the candidate is a fit or not.

A great AI technology for this kind of analytics is the one developed by Metaview.

This reduces the time for recruiters and also increases candidate engagement since they do not have to wait too long for the answer.

The bad:

Artificial intelligence can measure and analyze everything you want it to, however, it is still a machine. In interviews, candidates expect human interaction so they can feel that connection, that they are understood and not analyzed. 

Therefore in this situation, depending on the candidate, you could lose the human touch. That is why we encourage you to use AI in recruitment but never forget that the human touch is also important.

This leads us to…

4. Candidate engagement
The good:

This is the most important aspect of recruitment. In our point of view, candidates are the ones that decide whether you are good or bad at your job. That is why making a great experience for them is the most important thing.

There are a lot of ways to increase your Candidate Engagement and AI is one of them.

Some great AI candidate engagement tools are XOR (chatbot) and Eightfold.

Tools like this can help you reduce waiting time for candidates to get a response. You also increase the chances to find the right fits since the analytics of resumes are faster and more precise. Also, you can get a better understanding of their behaviour based on interview analytics. Therefore you know how to interact with them and how to engage when you need to.

The bad:

There goes that human touch we were talking about earlier. While Artificial intelligence is a great tool to improve the experience of a candidate, there is still a need for human interaction.

Always make sure your candidates know they are talking to a robot, but they will still interact with you after interviews. Keep that connection between you two since it is the most important aspect of recruiting.

The conclusion

Like most tools, artificial intelligence still has its downsides. However, the good parts of AI in recruitment are bringing a new innovative way of work. An innovative way that makes all the difference.

It is up to you if you decide to use these tools since they have so much more to bring to your business besides what we have mentioned above.

Will you check out these AI tools?

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