Our client, a startup software company based in Utrecht with 25 employees, develops an IT algorithmic operations tool that helps their costumers decrease downtime and they are growing rapidly. No more errors in IT environments!

– Well funded startup having recently raised 8M in series A
– Backed by a leader in DevOps and Continuous Delivery with hundreds of customers and offices in Europe, US and Asia
– Team that comprises of folks from Splunk, IBM etc. 
– Opportunity to work on unique approach disrupting a $5B industry 
– Growing rapidly with the top Dutch telecom company as its customer with others on the pipeline 
– Work on different areas of the tech stack and make a huge impact on the roadmap (this needs to be customized for the specific position) 

We are looking for Data Scientist that feels at home at the intersection between science, mathematics, machine learning, business and computer science. You may come from a science background or have experience in a environment driven by scientific methodology. You also know their math and statistics and know how to apply this to actual problems.

You have dabbled with machine learning, NLP, or optimization modeling. You know how to create visualizations in order to tell a story (and why you should avoid pie charts!). Our client is an innovative high tech product development firm who have developed a:
Real-time It operations platform to help SME and Enterprise customers reducing downtime by lowering failure cost through having an insight of the whole IT Stack. With this product, your DevOps team will have Superman powers


When it comes to data analysis you do not expect data to be clean, concise, well organized, well documented, consistent or complete. You make do with what you get and don't make assumptions. You understand the strengths and weaknesses of different models and can effectively reason about when to apply various combinations. You're not a one trick pony.

The Data Scientist role is a senior postion with a pivot role in our team that you wil help build the data team from scratch.

Prefered general knowledge includes:

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Machine Learning
  • NLP
  • Optimization modelling
  • Data Visualisation
  • Algorithms
  • Data structures

Preferred skills / tool experience includes:

  • Analysis tools: Python + Pandas / R / Julia / Matlab
  • Using relational databases
  • Working with Linux, including writing Bash scripts
  • bonus: Software engineering practices
  • bonus: Hadoop / Hive / Spark / MapReduce
  • bonus: NoSQL databases

What is offered:

  • Competitive salary
  • Relocation package, when needed
  • Training budget of €5000 per employee per year with 5 extra days for training purposes to take of.
  • Startup culture!
  • People! We are a globally-distributed team of super-dedicated, creative techno-wizards that love to innovate and create products to help solve problems for our users.
  • Passion! Our small team works in startup-mode to deliver the best product possible. Everyone is passionate about the product and contributes to product definition, marketing, sales, and support.
  • Technology! Built on Scala and AngularJS, our tools continuously evolve to give our customers the edge in the latest trends. Puppet, Salt, Docker, cloud – you’ll have the opportunity to work with all of them.
  • Innovation! Bi-weekly knowledge events, monthly day-long tech rallies – our technical teams are given the freedom to innovate and drive our products forward.
  • Agility! Our agile way of working gives us an edge in bringing our elegantly simple tools to market and gives us the flexibility we need to compete and win in the market.
  • Benefits! Competitive salary, a top-of-the-line laptop, mobile phone and all the books you can read. We take good care of our people and give them the tools they need to shine. 

How does it sound? In case you're thinking to make a change and grow professionally, we would be happy to receive an updated CV and schedule a conversation with you. Apply on the website or send your email to timothy@wklconsultancy.nl.